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LIMITED-TIME OFFER: January 16th - January 31st, 2023

Save the Taxes

15% Off New Bosch Ducted & Ductless Mini-Split Systems

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Air Miles Reward Miles
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Experience the  Atlantic Standard Difference.

FREE Consultation & Installation $0 Upfront Fees

Air Miles Reward Miles

Free Installation $0 Upfront Fees

Let us exceed your expectations. Choose the Atlantic Standard Experience:

Our experienced team of Home Comfort Specialists are happy to answer all of your home heating and cooling questions to make sure we get the right equipment for you and your home!

We'll provide you with an accurate quote based on your current home's heating and cooling system and what you'll need to meet your energy (and money) saving goals, and of course, provide you with a FREE heat pump or mini-split installation when you purchase a new system through us. 

Our Home Comfort Specialists will provide either a virtual pre-inspection or in-home pre-inspection to access your current system and upgrading needs. We'll also let you know if you qualify for any Government Rebate or Grant Programs and take care of the application process for you, after collecting the necessary information to apply. 

We will help you through the entire process from A-Z, for a stress-free experience. 

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